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Have a listen to Daniel’s testimonial. He shows the effect the device has on your speech by initially reading without the device, followed by with the device.

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The Device

For full details on how the device works, make sure to visit the pages below:

The programme

Our speech therapy programme accompanied with the device, is designed to support you in getting the maximum benefit out of your device. 

The programme has been written by a Speech and Language Therapist with over 20 years experience working with people who stammer.

The programme itself is optional to practice, but we highly recommend it to develop your confidence and fluency even further in all speaking situations.

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Mickey Volkwyn
Mickey Volkwyn
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I have just bought this device for my son.. After years and years of speech and language lessons. Finally found this.. Device we just so over whelmed the big difference its made.. My son so confident, and happy.. Its worth every penny spent on it.. I would recommend to anyone that has the same problem.
Hanna Neumüller
Hanna Neumüller
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The stuttering device I bought a few months ago has truly helped me gain my confidence back. I was hesitant at first but it has truly helped me change my social life. I am told the new one they are working on will be much smaller, which I will be sure to buy. I am on the priority list! Thank you, you lovely people Xx
Hari Bains
Hari Bains
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Effective product which is priced fairly. Excellent customer support, even to the other side of the world

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