The Modern Speech Tool

Transform your speech, under pressure

2 Year Warranty

The manufacturers warranty is included with the device's purchase.

100% Money-back Guarantee

Utilise the 2-week free trial to trial the device in different speaking scenarios.

Monthly Payment Plan

Spread the cost with our interest-free monthly payment plan.

The Device

Speaking is a nerve-racking task for many, often resulting in a lack of coherence. Our Speech Tool can be used in those pressured situations, to aid the desired speech you look for. 





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The Device has you covered, in the times that matter

The device has a significant, noticeable impact on your speech, during those high-pressure/nerve-wracking speaking scenarios. 

Introducing yourself

Public speaking scenarios

High-pressure conversations

Days when you feel the pressure

Try Before You Buy

Download a DAF app and adjust the settings to the measurements below!

Click the button below for further instructions. 

DAF (The Echo)
70 Milliseconds
FAF (The Pitch Change)
Half an Octave Increase / +3 On the Scale

Deliver in 2 Working Days

We don’t wait around once we receive your order! 

Our Customer's Reviews

Our customer’s reflecting on their experience with the Speech Tool. 

Ayesha Sultan
Ayesha Sultan
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If only I knew about the device before! This product really has helped me so I am very pleased. Also, the customer service is very friendly and professional.
Ted Thompson
Ted Thompson
Read More
Before buying the device I was skeptical as I had not heard of anything like it before. But after they told me about the money-back guarantee, I thought I'd give it a go. In the end, I am so pleased
Jessica Grace
Jessica Grace
Read More
i bought this product for my partner and the effects have really transformed his speech!! Before i bought it I was not sure about its appearance but you can barely see it and he doesn't mind one bit
Jamina Jamie
Jamina Jamie
Read More
very pleased I invested in the speech tool! You can certainly notice a difference. Personally, I choose to wear the device for when I am more nervous, rather than 24/7

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