Frequently Asked Questions

Speak For Less is a service, with the primary goal of improving the level of speech coherence for individuals who experience a mild lack of speech coherence when in high-pressure speaking situations.

Our devices use:

  • The Echo (An echo of your voice repeated after a short delay)
  • The Pitch Change (A change in the pitch of your voice, also repeated after a delay)

These two pieces of software serve as a distraction for your mind, allowing your mind to not focus so much on how you’re saying something, but rather to focus on what you are saying, in a clear and coherent manner.

The device is to be used in speaking situations, which you consider to be highly-pressured. This may be in public speaking situations for example. 
You can follow our Try Before You Buy guide. This will allow you to put the software encoded within the device to the test, prior to purchase. 
The time taken for the device to arrive at your doorstep is dependent on where you are in the world. If you are based in the UK, you will typically receive the device within 2 working days. 
Once you purchase the device, you will receive all the shipping information required.
Yes, the warranty for your device lasts 2 years. The warranty only covers manufacturers defects in the product. It doesn’t include loss, theft, accident or negligence.

We provide a variety of silicone earbuds ensuring comfort for all ear sizes.

Our devices use size 10 hearing aid batteries. You can find these batteries at any local pharmacy, supermarket or online store.

We are currently accepting: Debit/Credit Card, Paypal and Clearpay.

The store will charge you in GBP (£). However if you are purchasing from another country, the currency will be automatically converted.

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Company number: 12088156

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