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What do the devices do?

Have you ever noticed that when you talk in unison with other people you are fluent?
Or have you noticed that you don't stutter when you are singing?

This is known as the ‘Choral Speech Effect’.

Our devices emulate the ‘other people talking’ to serve as a distraction for your mind.

Our devices use:

  • Delayed Auditory Feedback (a slight echo of your voice)

  • Frequency Altered Feedback (a change in the pitch of your voice)

The result of this distraction averages an increase in fluency of between 70-80%.

The minimum fluency increase being 50% and the maximum being 90%


If you would like to test the Choral Speech Effect before buying a device, visit our 'Try Before You Buy' page.

See the difference? This disruption to the normal feedback loop causes the speaker to slow down and speak with more fluency.

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